There are flights from Ankara, İstanbul, and İzmir to Şanlıurfa and from Şanlıurfa to these cities.
Road which has route from İstanbul-Ankara-Adana-Gaziantep till Şanlıurfa is a highway. 141 km way between Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa is a two-lane blacktop road. This road leads through Viranşehir, Kızıltepe, and Mardin until Habur border-gate which is on the border between Turkey and Iraq. In addition, there is a two-lane road from Şanlıurfa to Diyarbakır and there is a highway through Şanlıurfa-Akçakale to Syria.
There are railway routes from Şanlıurfa (Akçakale) to Gaziantep-İskenderun and from Şanlıurfa (Akçakale) to Gaziantep-Ankara-İstanbul.
From Yumurtalık, Mersin, and İskenderun Ports, it can be transferred to Şanlıurfa highway.